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At Trager Aberdeenshire we believe you will love the results of a Trager bodywork and massage session so much that will are willing to offer a half-hour introductory session FREE!
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Massage therapy and body work 
in Aberdeenshire

What is TRAGER?
TRAGER is a different, gentle form of bodywork massage that unlocks patterns of tension. 
The practitioner uses flowing, rocking and other activities to give the body a sense of effortless movement, allowing it to let go of painful areas. 
 Through building awareness of how your body feels, TRAGER allows greater freedom and flexibility of movement.

Trager massage therapy

TRAGER massage therapy can:
  • reduce stress
  • provide deep relaxation
  • ease ache and pains
  • improve mobility and self-awareness
This therapy can be useful for many restrictive conditions including Parkinson’s and MS, and for people involved in creative arts, music and sport.
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Foot massage

A FREE therapy session

TRAGER is a bodywork massage that needs to be experienced to feel the difference. 
Why not ask for a FREE 30 minute sample session?

Ring 01339 883 631 or email: 
for an appointment
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